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Write to the Energy Consents Unit/ Highland Council

We urge all residents of East Sutherland and particularly Brora, who will be most affected, to join us in opposing this unwelcome development by writing to the Energy Consents Unit and copying your letter to The Highland Council.  


All letters should focus on relevant planning reasons for objection and should be headed Kintradwell Wind Farm Application/Reference ECU00002217; the Highland Council planning reference is 21/00826/S36.


Addresses are given below:

Scottish Government Energy Consents Unit

4th Floor, 5 Atlantic Quay

150 Broomielaw Pier


G2 8LU


The Highland Council

Glenurquhart Road



Reasons for objecting to Kintradwell Wind Farm


  • The turbines will be on a very elevated site making it the the most highly visible local development yet proposed.  They will skyline over a very wide area, dominating the enclosing hills of the scenic coastline of East Sutherland and will be clearly seen from parts of the A9 tourist route.   


  • The impact on Brora and its surrounding community is recognised by the applicant as Significant.  The ridgeline profile to the north west will be broken by prominent moving turbines or turbine parts.  The development will be particularly visible from Lower Brora, our famous golf course, Brora beach and the Brora Heritage Trail, and will greatly reduce the scenic enjoyment we all take in our environment. (particularly since COVID-19)


  • The proposed site is in the heart of a Special Landscape Area which the community has fought hard to establish and protect as a valued amenity and vital part of the setting in which we live.


  • This development will break the existing local Pattern of Development, recognised by The Highland Council, to contain wind energy development away from coastal settlements and out of sight of the A9 tourist route.


  • The proposed site is a Class 1 area of deep peat and a priority peatland habitat attracting significant protection.  We are all aware from recent media reports of the importance of peat areas as carbon sinks. This habitat is also important for many bird species particularly Golden Eagles, Golden Plover and Merlin, all species sensitive to disturbance, collision and displacement.


  • The development breaches policies 55, 57, 61 and 67 of The Highland Wide Local Development Plan (2012) and is in a Group 2 Search Area of Significant Protection.


  • Other issues of concern are the 13.5km of new scarring hill tracks, the new proposed access on the A9, increased heavy traffic predicted to increase by 30% during construction, delays and closures on the A9 during turbine part delivery and all the various remedial measures now necessary along the delivery route owing to the scale of the turbine parts.

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